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It’s comforting to know that no one in the world is 100% satisfied with who they are. And if they were, then they didn’t feel that way their entire life. I bet even the Queen has had mornings where she looks in the mirror and hates the way she smiles or the way her head is shaped or whatever. Point is, if you ever feel sad about yourself it’s ok. If you didn’t feel down sometimes then you’re prob a sociopath or something. 


 soviet russian grandma cats complaining about their grandchildren and swapping recipes

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let’s be friends with benefits. the benefits? you get to be friends with me

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wet dream: being financially secure with a career i enjoy

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Before I am your daughter,
your sister,
your aunt, niece, or cousin,
I am my own person,
and I will not set fire to myself
to keep you warm.

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what do you mean it’s inappropriate to have Highway to Hell by AC/DC at my funeral

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